Fishing Expedition in June, July and August 2021

North Safari Travel offers a 4 day fishing expedition, in the Kangerlussuaq fjord in Western Greenland.

We explore the fjords of Western Greenland and fish for cod, halibut, catfish and arctic char. We use deep fishing gear and you can bring your own gear or rent from us. Our MOPA Expedition power boat are equipped with all necessary fishing gear and fishfinder.

This is a fishing adventure in the worlds last frontier, where you will fish in waters very few people ever have fish in. We use MOPA EXPEDITION power boats on the fishing adventure, the boats are design for the ruff arctic waters in Greenland. We will be 1-2 guides and max 3-4 fishermen on the adventure. We have good options to plan the fishing tour to your wish and needs.

You must be in good physical condition and be prepared for bad arctic weather during the sailing. We have all the necessary lifesaving equipment including, satellite phone, full survival suit, VHF radio, sos firelight ect. Safety is our top priority.

We pack the boats with all necessary equipment and we will camp by the coast or sleep in the boats depending on weather and wind.

We end the fishing adventure by driving ATVs to the icecap where we will visit the magnificent Russel Glacier.

We welcome you to an fishing expedition you never forget. A expedition where you will live in close symbiosis with nature. Only a few places in the world, you will find this exclusive form of expedition - where it's only you and your guide in the Arctic fjords of Greenland.


- Full accommodation in tent/boat.

- All meals in camp and boat.

- ATV transport incl. equipment.

- MOPA sailing incl. safety equipment.

- 1: 3 guided tour.

- Your life's adventure.

- Fishing license.

Not included:

- Flight ticket Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq

- Stay in hotel before departure.

Price: 1.900 EUR


Day 1:

- Arrival at Kangerlussuaq.

- Your guide receives you at the airport.

- Transport on the ATV to the harbour.

- Sailing in MOPA powerboats on the Kangerlussuaq fjord.

- Fish for cod, catfish, halibut and arctic char.

- Dinner and overnight in a boat / tent camp.

Day 2-3:

- Exploring in MOPA powerboats on the Kangerlussuaq fjord and delta.

- Fish for cod, catfish, halibut and arctic char.

- Dinner and overnight in a boat / tent camp.

Day 4:

- Return to Kangerlussuaq port.

- Safari on ATV to Russel Glacier and ice cap.

- Trekking on the ice sheet.

- Return to Kangerlussuaq

- End of program

Day 5:

- Departure from Kangerlussuaq.

Practical information

Necessary equipment participants should bring:

- Practical clothes

- Multiple layers (it can be from +20 to -5 degrees Celsius).

- Waterproof breathable clothing in Gore Tex or light rainwear.

- Trekking boots.

- Big backpack.

- Sleeping bag (minimum comfort temp. - 15c).

- Personal drink bottle.

- Camera.

Possible other costs:

- Accommodation in Kangerlussuaq before and after the program.

- Air ticket to Kangerlussuaq/Greenland.

Various information

The Boats:

We use 2 or 3 MOPA Expedition powerboats equipped with 50HK Honda outboard motor. The boats is in compliance with the Maritime Authority's conditions for sailing with passengers.

The Food:

Game/fish we catch and Freeze-dried meals.

Weapons/fishing gear:

Only the guide brings and uses hunting weapons and they are used only for the game we eat. There will be fishing equipment for all in the boat and camp.

Polar bear encounter:

Our area is not a traditional polar bear habitat. Normally we do not see polar bears, but the resent years polar bears have been seen in our area, therefore the camp is equipped with strong caliber rifles in case of polar bear attack.

The Weather:

Kangerlussuaq has an "inland" climate with warm summers and cold winters. Kangerlussuaq is located above the polar circle and has an arctic climate. Summer nights are bright.

In June, July and August the weather can be unpredictable, but normally the weather is sunny and pleasant. Be prepared for temperatures from + 20 to -5 ° C.

Mosquitoes can occur.

The guides:

Your guide is a registered professional hunter and has a certificate of proficiency in yachting, VHF radio certificate, first aid course and sea kayak course. Your guide speaks and understands the Nordic languages (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) as well as English. It is a prerequisite that participants speak at least one of the Nordic languages or English.

Flight to Kangerlussuaq/Greenland:

Kangerlussuaq International airport have direct flights from Copenhagen/Denmark.

Tickets are booked on


30 % deposit is to be paid upon booking and the 70% balance is to be paid before arrival.

North Safari Travel email invoice to the client.

Participation is only valid when full payment has been received.

Passport and visa:

Are not required for Nordic and EU nationals, but we recommend that you bring your passport with you. Non-EU citizens, please contact your local Danish Embassy or your travel agent.


Danish Kroner. There is no bank in Kangerlussuaq. Credit cards are accepted in the Post Office, supermarket and at the airport.

Insurance and safety:

All trips are equipped with satellite phone, GPS, VHF radio and first aid kit. During sailing on the fjord life jacket will be available to all participants. Guides are trained in first aid.

IMPORTANT: Participants are required to obtain insurance covering cancellation, illness, accidents and home transport.

The animal life:

Kangerlussuaq has a large muskox and caribou population often to be seen in our area. Polar fox, polar hare, ptarmigan, sea eagle, Peregrine Falcon is common in our area often be seen.

Small video from summer 2020

Danish National television broadcast with North Safari Travel